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Our lockers are manufactured in an old industrial building close to the railway station in Säter in Dalarna, Sweden. From scratch. The cabinet frames are all-welded. The doors are made of high strength steel. To explain how solid they really are is impossible. It must be experienced.

All lockers found on this website are standard products. You can choose colour, many different locks are available, steel-doors can be changed for laminate ones. The options are many – as are the ways in which we can help you.

Dalform has the model

We make lockers for schools, bathhouses, offices and the industry with high quality requirements during every step of production, from design to function. With vaulted doors, robust structures and dazzling colours our lockers shine with their harmony and security. With lockers from Dalform you get a strong and secure storage solution. Our lockers are made both with sheet metal and compact laminate and can be delivered in a variety of designs and colours.

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