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Information to architects

Dalform offers you an opportunity to be creative. The boring, stiff or straight locker-room can with help from us get new possibilities and variations. These opportunities will make your work more fun and creative. There are many reasons you should contact us when you’re planning the interior design. Here are some of them.


When you use lockers from Dalform in the interior design you’ll get a sense of comfort. The lockers will last for a considerably long time. The lockers are built of high quality steel sheet metal and we here at Dalform puts great pride in the production, a production that produces lockers of world class standard. In return, this will mean that you can guarantee your clients a reliable, durable and beautiful locker design.


We care about how things look. We are well aware that design and looks are important aspects of interior design. At Dalform you have many possibilities with different storing alternatives with a vast amount of different designs. That means that you’ll have the freedom to design the lockers after your own head and the ideas you have for the design.


Our lockers aren’t just durable and beautiful, they are also designed with the best possible locking mechanisms. Thanks to innovative solutions and a robust structure our lockers are a guarantee that things will remain locked in.


Dalform’s lockers are easy to put in the right place. Because of our lockers are being delivered individually, the mounting process is easy, to fit the room as you like and want. With Dalform you’ll get the freedom to adapt the lockers to the room as you please. You won’t have to deal with enormous products that aren’t very manoeuvrable in terms of interior design. You, yourself, get to decide how you want it to look and how the lockers should be installed, a job that we of course can help you with.

The arguments for choosing Dalform as your supplier of lockers are, in other words, many. We are a reliable partner for you, in the work you preform. With lockers from Dalform we can guarantee that you’ll get a product of high quality, fast and easy.