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Doors & colours

Choose between four basic models and decide what width and colour suits your needs. The steeldoors are made of three millimeters sheet steel and the laminate doors are ten millimeters thick, composed of compact laminate. This makes them durable when handled often and rough.

Colours for steel doors

These are our 24 standard colours. The colour will be applied with a powder coating from the RAL-scale. We can also create other shades on demand.

Colours and patterns for laminate doors

We have a broad selection of both colours and patterns for our laminate doors.


  • Vaulted steel door – Vaulted door with 3 mm steel sheet metal, reinforced with a storage compartment on the inside of the door.
  • Leveled steel door – Leveled steel door with 3 mm steel sheet metal, reinforced profile on the inside.
  • Piano hinges – Every door has piano hinges.
  • Laminate door – Leveled 10 mm compact laminate door.
  • Steel/laminate door – Steel door, 3 mm thick, with exchangeable high pressured laminate front piece. Available with either leveled or vaulted profile.
  • Storing compartment – Standard on every vaulted door.


You can choose from several different locking possibilities. With the simplest lock alternative the customer gets to choose his or her own padlock. It’s possible to get a master key system for the cylinder lock, code lock and coin lock. It’s possible to get different variants of the code and electronic locks.


  • Pivot separating wall
  • Enhanced ventilation – Ventilation on the roof and at the bottom of the door
  • Lock reinforcement – On the inside of the door
  • Laptop shelf
  • Bench
  • AC outlet – Can be mounted in every locker
  • Mail slot
  • Side panel
  • Extractable shelf
  • Legs – With adjustable feet. Makes cleaning under the lockers easier. Height 200 mm.