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Staff lockers

Our staff locker is very practical with lockable compartment, storing space on top and a clothes rail with an anchor hanger. Welded frame with 1 mm steel sheet metal.


Width: 270 mm
Depth: 250 mm
Height: 410 mm
Compartment height: 270 mm


Colors for steel doors

This is our 24 standard colors, applied with powder paint from the RAL scale
We can also develop custom shades as desired.

Colors for steel doors

Colors and pattern for laminated doors.

We have a large selection of both colors and patterns for laminated doors.



Arched steel door

Arched door made out of 3 mm steel, reinforced with storage compartment on the inside

Flat steel door

Flat door made out of 3 mm steel, with a reinforcement profile on the inside

Piano hinge

All of our doors come with piano hinges

Laminate door

Flat door made out compact laminate with replaceable frontal layer

Storage compartment

Connects to all arched doors


Reinforced ventilation

Ventilation on the top of the locker and on the lower part of the door

Lock reinforcement

On the inside of the door

Laptop shelf

AC Outlet

Can be mounted in all lockers


Side Panel

Pull-out Shelf